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2023.11.12 19:00 | アーティストニュース

MÖTLEY CRÜE、"The World Tour"日本公演のダイジェスト公開!

MÖTLEY CRÜE、"The World Tour"日本公演のダイジェスト公開!

11月3日、4日にKアリーナ横浜で"The World Tour"日本公演を行ったMÖTLEY CRÜE。同公演を振り返るダイジェスト映像が、MÖTLEY CRÜEのYouTubeチャンネルにて公開された!

Motley Crue - The World Tour Japan 2023 Yokohama
なお、ともにライヴを行ったDEF LEPPARDも来日中の映像をYouTubeにて公開している!

Def Leppard Does Japan 2023


『Shout At The Devil』
1. In The Beginning
2. Shout At The Devil
3. Looks That Kill
4. Bastard
5. God Bless The Children Of The Beast
6. Helter Skelter
7. Red Hot
8. Too Young To Fall In Love
9. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid
10. Ten Seconds To Love
11. Danger
『Shout At The Demos & Rarities』
1. Shout At The Devil(Demo)
2. Looks That Kill(Demo)
3. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid(Demo)
4. Too Young To Fall In Love(Demo)
5. Hotter Than Hell(Demo for "Louder Than Hell")
6. I Will Survive(Demo)
7. Black Widow(Demo)
Original Album Remastered on Orange/Yellow Splatter LP
Shout At The Demos & Rarities Red/White Splatter LP
Shout At The Devil CD
Shout At The Devil Cassette
"Looks That Kill" White 7"
"Too Young To Fall In Love" Orange 7"
Devil Board w/Metal Planchette
Metal Pentagram 7" Adapter
Pentagram Felt Bag
Devil Candle Holder(candle not included)
Band Member Tarot Cards
12" x 12" Pentagram Seance Board
Two 12" x 12" Shout At The Devil Blood Album Cover Litho Art Prints